Nadene is a professional certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner,  CMHA Psychological Health and Safety Advisor,  JMT Certified Leadership Coach/Trainer/Speaker and a Certified Parenting Coach from The Jai Institute of Parenting in California, USA.

Her expertise ranges from advising with some of the top leaders of our time around leadership issues, communication, strategic planning, team building, dealing with overwhelm, stress, anxiety, depression and more.

Other areas of her expertise include helping people who are feeling stuck in life and business who are unhappy in their career and job or in their home life and looking to transition to a new career path, or to uncover their purpose and meaning in life. She not only has worked with numerous international clients and leaders to uncover their purpose and has personally transitioned in her own life from a professional executive geologist to currently being a top sought after global leadership advisor, business strategist and coach where she lives her dreams every single day with no regrets!

Nadene Joy has a vast array of experience working with mindset, strategic planning, leadership, environmental sustainability and growth, mental health, anxiety, depression, suicide awareness and recovery and more.