"Nadene Joy is an engaging, authentic, motivating impactful leader who was an extraordinarily uplifting professional co-host at my “Just Keep Going” production show where I was the VIP Special Guest Speaker. Not only is Nadene a demonstrated top global leader, she is a stellar avid communicator with a unique talent and skill in connecting with top business leaders and influencers from across the globe.  I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again in the future Nadene, it is truly a “Joy” and honour to know you! Keep on doing great things including bringing hope and positively impacting many lives and leaders worldwide!”

--Joe Foster - Founder - REEBOK 

"I have had the privilege of knowing Nadene Joy for several years now and can wholeheartedly say she is truly an exemplary leader, outstanding executive coach, advisor, speaker, author and changemaker who positively impacts many lives in our world.  She is a well sought after resource for any leader, business or entrepreneur wanting to persevere and unlock their full potential and thrive in a time of uncertainty. Her energy, value, passion, integrity, authenticity and excellence would encourage any person to utilize and learn from her expertise."

-Jim Britt, CEO of Jim Britt International, Inc. and Global Leader, Bestselling Author and Top Speaker 

"Nadene Joy a fantastic person, a great leader in and out of her own right and is a great speaker."

-Marshall Goldsmith, #1 Leadership Thinker and Executive Coach in the World and Bestselling Author

"Nadene Joy is an incredibly inspiring, passionate, impactful, purpose-filled and heart centred leader who has transformed many lives and businesses through the course of her professional career.  I highly recommend Nadene to anyone who is ready to untap their full potential and live their best life possible as a leader and exponentially grow their business."                      

-Brenda McGuire, President & CEO of WorldWide Connect

"Nadene Joy has a beautiful vision for the world to empower people in every walk of life to become impactful leaders. She has an extremely unique ability to unite together world-changing influencers and leaders to equip and empower others including aspiring leaders of the next generation.  I can't wait for next year's 2022 Global Lead 2 Impact Summit, count me in!"                                                                                                

-Bob Burton, President, Speed Leaders Solutions, LLC

"My deep appreciation to Nadene and her team for putting together an amazing global event to share leadership tips, top strategies and caring during what has been a difficult year.  Nadene and her supportive team made it an absolute pleasure to participate and the wonderful range of speakers and topics made this a truly valuable event."                               

-Phyllis O'Connor, Executive Director, Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA)

“I love Nadene’s Work, it is above and beyond what I imagined, I feel very grateful for having her here with us. I highly recommend her powerful beautiful leadership and unique gifts to all!” -Andres

“I am so thankful that Nadene came into my life. She was sent by my angels in the most perfect Divine timing. She is wonderful, is so incredibly wise, and her love and guidance is so powerfully transformative and pure.” -Miriam M.

“Nadene has been very special in my life. She is really gifted and true. She was there for me when I was in a crisis and I highly recommend her to all!!!” -Amber L.

“Nadene's coaching has truly helped change my entire business and life and for the first time ever, I can say that I am truly happy! I have conquered so many old limiting beliefs about the world and my body and each day feels better than the next. I highly recommend working with Nadene!” -Lola P.

“Thank you to my earth angel for lovingly & accurately giving selflessly not only to me, but also to my family. I am very grateful you have given me the guidance & information and tools I need to move forward to do my part to make the world a better place. You have such a gentle comforting reassuring demeanour and humble qualities and integral leadership that are extremely rare to find in the world today.” -Amanda H.

“I have the utmost of respect and eternal gratitude to Nadene Joy as she has been such a key instrumental part in helping me get to where I am today with the powerful advisory and transformative work and tremendous value she succinctly and consistently delivers with excellence and integrity... she is truly providing miracles, clarity, personal and business growth beyond comprehension to all she helps!” -Tirene M.

“I just got off the phone with Nadene and I feel so much better as I am filled with hope, purpose, determination and so much love! Thank you so much, Nadene! You are a blessing to all. I am so excited and honoured to have the privilege and opportunity to work with you! ” -Angela S.

“Nadene has such a gentle way of positively communicating with and empowering others. It's like a soft yellow light of joy. Nadene is extremely knowledgeable, easy and fun to talk with and filled with an indescribable infinite wisdom which surpassed my expectations. I feel lifted by her light and know I am completely and fully accepted just as I am.” -Amber J.

“Amazing guidance, incredible insight, I would definitely recommend her to everyone who is looking for lasting change in their life or business!” -Daisy F.